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Daheen - Green Chillies

Daheen - Green Chillies
LabelRegen Records
Typealbum, CD


01 Daheen - Regeneration
02 Daheen - Wisdom
03 Daheen - Mylanta
04 Daheen - Chillin' in Wonderland
05 Daheen - Tantric (Foreplay Remix)
06 Daheen - Edduby
07 Daheen - Whalen
08 Daheen - Voice Box

Green Chillies is the debut chill album from Daheen. Perhaps better known for his psytrance releases, Daheen has been producing chill for many years and is excited to be able to bring to light what was originally a promo CD, recently remixed and remastered.
Green chillies is an amazing blend of sounds and styles, taking you on a fascinating journey. With the ingredients of guitars, bagpipes, mandolin, piano, flute, voice, birds, whales, mixed with dubby basslines, swirling psychedelic pads, multiple layers of melodies, and thought provoking samples, all cooked up in the technology of music production software, you end up with a very tasty dish indeed. Mastering by Huby from Ultimae is the icing on the cake.
Following the Regen Records philosophy of earth friendly products this CD has been produced completely Carbon Neutral thanks to Breed Media's carbon offset program. All packaging is made from recycled and FSC certified sustainable material and is 100% recyclable and biodegradable when composted. Printing was done alcohol free using vegetable inks, no volatile organic compound emissions from inks or coatings, and no use of quick dry glues with ozone depleting substances.

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