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Frantic Noise - The Nordland Orchestra

Frantic Noise - The Nordland Orchestra
LabelDark Prisma Records
Typealbum, CD

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Frantic Noise - The Nordland Orchestra


01 Frantic Noise - Fasten Your Diapers (Intro)
02 Frantic Noise vs Collapse - Skyshack
03 Frantic Noise - Spine Crewer
04 Frantic Noise vs Collapse - Ghost Call
05 Frantic Noise - The Glow
06 Megalopsy - Shit Winds
07 Frantic Noise vs Collapse - Psyfiction
08 Frantic Noise - Boogieman Theme
09 Frantic Noise vs Audiopathik - Lokutus Welcome
10 Shlowers - Helioboy
11 Frantic Noise & Pragmatix - Done For Good

Dark Prisma Records will dedicate to the dark side of psytrance, looking for intense and psychedelic sounds for the night time. They keep promoting psychedelic, original and intense music, in all possible directions and dimensions, looking for new sounds to melt your mind and shake dance floors in Latin America and the rest of the world.

Frantic Noise is the project of z1P from Megalopsy, he is delivering us his debut album under the name "the Nordland Orchestra", where he has combined his solo explorations, with collaborations with local artists Pragmatix and Collapse and Mexican artist Audiopathik and a new track with Filter from Megalopsy. This CD tells the story of the dark and magic Nordland universe and it's Orchestra, composed by 10 entites, represented in the tracks, travelling through the obscure corridors of the cosmos and our minds, taking the listeners to an intense and deep trip, facing demons, celebrating life and exploring different dimensions of sound. With rolling basslines, frantic melodies and deep atmospheres, The Nordland Orchestra is a proof of what Dark Prisma Records plans for the future, night time music, psychedelic and intense but always keeping it groovy and fun.