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Frantic Noise

MembersMatias Benamo
Matías Benamo also known as z1P was born in Buenos Aires around May of 1984. Since very young he started developing high interest in technology, computers and music. his productions are characterized by strong and frenetic rythms, deep psychedelic feelings caused by abstract and surreal noises. A varied mix of influences lead him developing this unique style full of powerfull riffs, strong and acid synthworks and grooving percutions, transposing the audience to mystical and magical dimensions of sound, atributes that make Frantic Noise a perfect live performance for the night or twilight hours and also for listening at home.


Matias Benamo

Frantic NoiseMatias Benamo
MegalopsyAlejandro Santander , Matias Benamo , Nicolas Dibernardo



Frantic Noise - The Nordland OrchestraDark Prisma RecordsDPR0012006


Frantic Noise - Blues Brothers (Twist Mix)Transition RecordsTRDK001CD
Frantic Noise - Boogieman ThemeDark Prisma RecordsDPR001CD
Frantic Noise - Charlie BoxKagdila RecordsKAGCD114CD
Frantic Noise - Conciencia ForestDark Prisma RecordsDPR003CD
Frantic Noise - Fasten Your Diapers (Intro)Dark Prisma RecordsDPR001CD
Frantic Noise - Spine CrewerDark Prisma RecordsDPR001CD
Frantic Noise - The GlowDark Prisma RecordsDPR001CD


Frantic Noise & Pragmatix - Done For GoodDark Prisma RecordsDPR001CD
Frantic Noise & Sattwa - Zen SkiesUrban AntidoteUARCD001CD
Frantic Noise vs Audiopathik - Lokutus WelcomeDark Prisma RecordsDPR001CD
Frantic Noise vs Collapse - Ghost CallDark Prisma RecordsDPR001CD
Frantic Noise vs Collapse - PsyfictionDark Prisma RecordsDPR001CD
Frantic Noise vs Collapse - SkyshackDark Prisma RecordsDPR001CD
Frantic Noise vs Pragmatix - Balada HardtranceTransition RecordsTRDK001CD
Karash vs Frantic Noise - Melting Pot 2Urban AntidoteUARCD001CD
Frantic Noise - The Nordland Orchestra