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FREq - Gosub 20

FREq - Gosub 20
LabelIboga Records
Typealbum, CD

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Freq - Gosub 20


01 Freq - Bazil (Brush Mix)
02 Freq - Space Noodle
03 Freq - Silent Circuits
04 Freq - Byte Me
05 Freq - Stone Shaker
06 Freq - Beatstreet
07 Freq - What, A Feeling?
08 Freq - Singularity Part 2
09 Freq - Aisha

Iboga Records presents the new FREq album 'Gosub 20'.

Sure to be this summer of 2006 absolute highlight in the progressive genre.

Once again Aran Gallagher (FREq - DJ Frequence) has created an album of a super high quality, full of depth and highly enjoyable dance music. Sure to bring many dance floors to a boiling point. Each track has carefully been produced with surgeons' precision and enormous creativity with the sounds, to manifest that no one does it as 'FREq' does.

His first album Strange Attractors has been a global success, and has been the best selling album from Iboga Records the past two years.

FREq is constantly wanted for his live and DJ sets and has already played on most of the biggest festivals and events around the globe for big audience and thousands of fans. Besides that FREq is also part of the Duo 'Nyquist'.

An absolute top album from Iboga Records!