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Galaxy Madness & Jun - Underground Generation

Galaxy Madness & Jun - Underground Generation
LabelPhreex Networx
Typealbum, CD


01 Jun - Where Is Tabi?
02 Jun - Stereophonic Sounds
03 Galaxy Madness - Awakening
04 Galaxy Madness - Dark Breath
05 Galaxy Madness & Jun - Underground Generation
06 Jun - Psychedelic Connection
07 Jun - Chapora Magic
08 Galaxy Madness - Dizziness
09 Galaxy Madness - If I Can Break The World

Born in 1984 and introduced to trance music at the same time, Galaxy Madness and Jun are a new generation of musical inspiration that follows the footsteps of Japanese trance pioneers like Savage Scream and Noise Gust.

Galaxy Madness made his debut on the Phreex Networx "Phenix", compilation, and surprised everyone by contributing to the legendary Parvati Records "Psy Stories II" album less than a year later, and also released tracks on Brainbusters debut compilation "Looney Tunes" and Phreex Networx follow-up compilation "Japanhythm". With his tracks regularly recognized on Goa Gil's Divine Dozen list, he has been able to collaborate with many of the world's best trance artists, and expand his fan base globally. He is also scheduled to appear on the new compilation from Insomnia Records scheduled to come out in early 2008.

Jun has been at the cutting edge of the scene for years, both as a resident DJ for Discovalley and Trishula Records, and also as a party organizer introducing such names as Metallaxis and The Many Faces to Japan. He traveled extensively in Europe and India, collaborating with local artists like Dejan, Kerosene Club, Savage Scream and many others along the way. His collaboration with Stranger made Goa Gil's Divine Dozen list. All of his tracks on this album were created in the Discovalley Studio in Goa, as evidenced by that very special sound which could only really come from Goa.

Get ready for some truly underground music by two truly underground heads. But what, if not sounds like these, could ever change the world in the Dark, psychedelic times of today?

Galaxy Madness & Jun - Underground Generation: Front