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Gel Sol - IZ

Gel Sol - IZ
LabelPsychonavigation Records
Typealbum, CD

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Gel-Sol - IZ


01 Gel Sol - Iz
02 Gel Sol - Mourningwok
03 Gel Sol - Asfaraseyecansee
04 Gel Sol - Bubbleinthesky
05 Gel Sol - Secretisland
06 Gel Sol - Diskobay
07 Gel Sol - Raneboze
08 Gel Sol - Orca
09 Gel Sol - Yourdayinthesun

A joint release between Psychonavigation and Canadian label Upstairs Recordings. Seattle based producer Gel-Sol presents his new album entitled "IZ," and in his own words Is an all-ambient adventure I wrote for my niece Izabella, who was born early last year'.

The album's music showcases Gel-sol's trademark melodic edge combined with sweeping Synth pads reminiscent of 90's ambient albums from the likes of Pete Namlook & Global Communication.

Gel Sol - IZ: Front