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Gio Red - Risk O Electro

Gio Red - Risk O Electro
LabelCandyflip Records
Typealbum, CD

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Gio Red - Risk O Electro


01 Gio Red - Here I Am
02 Gio Red - Display
03 Gio Red - Need A Spin
04 Gio Red - Angel Dust
05 Gio Red - Risk.O Electro
06 Gio Red - That's Why
07 Gio Red - Feathercut
08 Gio Red - Realisation
09 Gio Red - Blueshape
10 Gio Red - White Sunday

George Kokkinos a.k.a. GIO RED was born in 1980 in Thessaloniki (Greece). He started as a dj in 1998 and has played at numerous events with well known artists from all Europe since. He is a skillful dj, with mixes that cover a wide spectrum of electro, progressive and breaks. After experimenting with many styles of electronic music such as trance, breaks and progressive house, he started working on his own music. At 2002 he started working, in a more professional level, his ideas on music production along with, Dima and Kosmos. Together they formed a project called Drone. This project is still active consisted by Gio Red and Dima with various releases on several labels and with an album (Drone-23days) which was released on 2004 by Headstick recordings.

Gio always wanted to express himself through music, that's why his music is not only in one style. Electro, breaks, deep, progressive house, all these words mean many things to him because he works with all these styles. His purpose is to connect these styles with the best result possible. Also White Sunday is the name of his 2nd project which goes in a more dub break atmospheric and freestyle way.

The first releases come at the end of 2005 and begging of 2006. Gio Red - terra virtualis (klik records), Gio Red – wheels n hills (candyflip records), Gio Red – Risk.o elektro (album on candyflip records), D-nox & Beckers – One shot (Gio Red rmx) on SLIK T music, Gio Red – Bodyrock (joystick music) and many other to come in the year of 2006.

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