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GMS - No Rules

LabelSolstice Music
Typealbum, CD


01 GMS - Life After
02 GMS - Gladiator
03 GMS - No Rules
04 GMS - I'm On Mars
05 GMS - Hyperactive
06 GMS - At the End of a Rainbow
07 GMS - Spliffpolitics
08 GMS - Juice by GMS
09 GMS - Overdose

GMS - Gladiator

'(...) (Scream)!'

'Don't die!'

'You meet them again.'

'Are you not entertained? Are you not entertained?! Isn't that why you're here?!'

All from movie 'Gladiator'


GMS - No Rules

'I know you won't break the rules. There aren't any.'

From the movie 'Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome'

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

GMS - I'm On Mars

'Your first trip?'


'Well, don't worry. Things hardly ever fuck up around here.

'Let me suggest that you take a vacation from yourself.'

'Get your ass to Mars.'

All from movie 'Total Recall'

Total Recall

GMS - Hyperactive

'Buckle up back there... We're going into... Hyperactive!'

From the movie 'Spaceballs'


GMS - Spliffpolitics

'Now we've reached the hour of spliff politics. It's the time of the night when everyone knows who's got a spliff and in which direction it's going.'

'Boom shankar!'

First one from 'Human Traffic'

Human Traffic

GMS - Juice by GMS

'I said we got a winner.'

'We got a winner!'

'Anybody wanna waste some time?'

All from movie 'Requiem for a Dream'

Requiem for a Dream

GMS - Overdose

'A flood of serotonin, has de-syntisized your receptors and to normalize this the brain is compensating by allowing you the using of four of your given senses, at any given time, the missing one constantly switching. So if you can see, smell, taste, and hear you can't feel anything.

'You did exceed the dosage.'

'A drug just has to pass through your system. Trust me, you'll know when it's gone.'

From the movie 'Senseless'