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Harax - Inly

Harax - Inly
LabelUP Records
Typealbum, CD

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Harax - Inly


01 Harax & Sol - Leaves
02 Harax - Laeda
03 Harax - Agora
04 Harax - Nearby
05 Harax - Night
06 Harax - Nearlysun
07 Harax & Zymosis - Zaren
08 Harax - Almond
09 Harax - Freckles
10 Harax - Whisper

Harax Inly: The debut expressions of Ukrainian Psy-chill artist Denis Botsvin.

Elegant melodies, build this journey into deep emotions and feelings, synthetic particles evolving and growing, clarity and relaxation of the senses. Melody based Psychedelic chill-out takes on a new form as intimate pads, bells, chimes, uplifting and sometimes oriental notes take you on a meditative journey.

Sit back, put the kettle on and let yourself melt into this blissful audio experience.