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Various Artists - Up And Away - Compiled By Raz

Various Artists - Up And Away - Compiled By Raz
LabelUP Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Various Artists - Up & Away


01 Csx - Pearl
02 Primecyde - Blogkiller
03 White Noise - Ready To Rock
04 Sunburn - Armadillo
05 Raz - Quest For Light
06 Talpa - Night In Budapest
07 Raz vs Positive Thought - Music Zone
08 Sunburn - Violins From Hell
09 Raz - Courage, Wisdom And Humility
10 Talpa - Pacman
11 Blender - Hole In The 148th Floor
12 Raz - Loose Your Pain

01 Raz - Few Simple Notes
02 Xslash feat. Karnelios - Look Out There
03 David Abrgel - Stringed
04 D_Cooper - Morning
05 Eastern Spirit - Midnight Sunshine
06 Mental Extensions - Drive
07 Harax - Gleefa
08 Nystagmus - Gaia
09 Nystagmus - Indigo Violetta
10 David Abrgel - Symphony
11 Raz - Sunrise
12 D_Cooper - The Polar Lights
13 Raz vs Positive Thought - Music Zone (Raz Chill Remix)
14 Uriya - Om Shanti (Chillum Remix)
15 D_Cooper - Cristalic
16 Raz - Outro

Up Records presents the follow up compilation to "Manifestation." RAZ presents us with a huge double compilation, one CD Morning Full on Psy-Trance and a second CD of Freestyle and Chill works from artists across the globe. The Psy-Trance side is in classic RAZ fashion of being high energy and twisted, this compilation has a new, old school, feel about it with hints of Goa melodies everywhere whilst still staying diverse and creative. The Freestyle CD is also extremely diverse with sounds ranging from classic Psy-chill to acoustic world music. This one is well worth checking out and would make a perfect Christmas gift for your mates mum.

Various Artists - Up And Away - Compiled By Raz: Front