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Hiyarant - Collision

Hiyarant - Collision
LabelMMD Records
Typealbum, CD

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Hiyarant - Collision - Mind Manipulation Device


01 Hiyarant - Collision
02 Hiyarant - Smug
03 Hiyarant - Mechanism Version 2.0
04 Hiyarant - Lead Better
05 Hiyarant - Fire
06 Hiyarant - Osaka
07 Hiyarant - Multiprey (Remix)
08 Hiyarant - Right Off
09 Hiyarant - User Friendly

MMD Records is proud to present the high impact debut release "Collision", from Cape Town spawn producer, Stuart Vermaak, aka Hiyarant. "Collision" features dance floor decimators, exploring all shades of grey, and showcasing the typical signature rock-solid, crunching sound, found only in the darkened mind of the Hiyarant.

"Collision" includes 9 guaranteed dance floor monsters such as the explosive "Osaka"; "Smug"; "Right Off"; and "Fire"; as well as a malevolent new version of "Mechanism". Also included is a demented remix of Frozen Ghost "Multiprey", which is sure to set any dance floor into a chaotic frenzy.

"Collision" displays all of the deranged light found within the darkness, and is sure to force any listener, at home or on the dance floor, to dig deep and grind it out. Let Hiyarant "Collision" chizzle its way into your mind.


Hiyarant - Collision: Front