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Various Artists - Stereo Neferia

Various Artists - Stereo Neferia
LabelMMD Records
Typecompilation, CD

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Stereo Neferia - Stereo Neferia


01 Rubix Cube - Grind
02 Broken Toy - Super Evil - We Want Your Soul
03 Ignition - Electromagnetic (Khopat Remix)
04 Lost and Found - Insider
05 Zion Linguist - Stereo Neferia
06 Hiyarant - No Break
07 Damage - No Mercy
08 Zion Linguist vs B-55 - Insane Asia
09 Deliriant - Phase Me

MMD Records slam back with another new potent compilation called Stereo Neferia. Compiled by Zion Linguist, slick production fused with twisted distorted stereo manipulations make up this potent new MMD offering.

Stereo Neferia includes 9 new twilight dancefloor bombs and features manipulators such as Damage, Zion Linguist, Lost & Found, Rubix Qube, Hiyarant and as well as fresh names such as Super Evil and Deliriant. Co-conspirators also featured include B-55, who combine forces with the Linguist, and an explosive Khopat remix of Ignition.

Experience the warped,wicked and manipulative soundwaves that make up Stereo Neferia...


Various Artists - Stereo Neferia: Front