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Ian Ion - Gringo Locomotion

Ian Ion - Gringo Locomotion
LabelChill Tribe Records
Typealbum, CD

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Ian Ion - Gringo Locomotion


01 Ian Ion - Noises Of Us
02 Ian Ion - Slappna Av
03 Ian Ion - Postcards Are People
04 Ian Ion - MonicaLs Hunger
05 Ian Ion - Tablatronix
06 Ian Ion - Scarborough Unfair
07 Ian Ion - Ziggurat
08 Ian Ion - We Could Be Housewives
09 Ian Ion - Dim Summing
10 Ian Ion - Coon Calling
11 Ian Ion - Sunshy
12 Ian Ion - To My Future Past

Norwegian Chill Tribe Records is back with a new album, this time with super talent Ian Ion from Denmark, most known for groundbreaking projects such as KoxBox, Saiko-Pod, The Overlords, as well as other noted bands such as Conamore, Sri hari, Epoptika and Russia Heat.

Ian has been a recording artist for over twenty years, exploring two decades of electronic music in many forms. He has kept an innovative spirit alive with tremendous success within many areas of the music industry, including producing, programming, composing, djing, engineering, mastering, teaching, consulting work, visuals, promotion and sales, besides touring all around the world. He has also worked behind the scenes for Sony Playstation, Roskilde Festival, Bang & Olufsen, Denmark's Radio, TC Electronic, The Danish Music Academy to name a few.

Here he gives us his first ever solo ambient album, selecting the fruits of ambient works from the past ten years, exploring deep journeys into sound and experimental creativity. This project was first seeded at the Roskilde Festival in 1998, when he was asked to serve a one hour soundscape for their octaphonic sound system at D-Day. The project has grown from there, and is now finally available for the listeners worldwide.