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Indigo Egg - Ixland

Indigo Egg - Ixland
LabelCelestial Dragon
Typealbum, CD

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Indigo Egg - Ixland


01 Indigo Egg - Clouds Of Indigo
02 Indigo Egg - Planet X
03 Indigo Egg - Tree Bark Dreams
04 Indigo Egg - Smiling Buddha
05 Indigo Egg - Lhasa Oblongata
06 Ixland - Clearlight
07 Indigo Egg - Home

Ixland is the debut album by Indigo Egg / aka Ishq / Matt Hillier.

Originally written in the late 90's and subsequently shelved and worked on over the years Ixland has now finally found its way onto cd and in a remastered and finished version.

The album highlights the early beginnings of the artist matt hillier and ishq and documents his early work when he was based and working / recording from a semi squatted location in the UK called No1, a meeting point for weirdos and freaks. The album is itself the result of many late night sessions and early mornings and a melting pot of the free festival / early psychedelic ambient sound which is still highlighted in matts work.

The album is a colourful and both melodic and also tripped out series of tracks all forming one fluid vision with hints of everything from electro alien harmonics to tibetan cities in the clouds, organic and deep yet with hints of the lightness and beauty which have found their way into the music of Ishq.

This is an unheard and unreleased to date full version of the album as it was intended and including material which was lost for some time and found again in 2004 on master DATs.

Indigo Egg - Ixland: Front