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Iron Madness - Slaughter Shiver

Iron Madness - Slaughter Shiver
LabelBeyond Logic
Typealbum, CD

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Iron Madness - Slaughter Shiver


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And he's off! The crowd goes wild! Waves of undeniable energy washes over the sea of humans, flailing arms and blissful smiles of those who have been touched by the chaotic twisted sounds of Ziv aka. Iron Madness.

The environment he creates is of pure unadulterated human emotion, reaching into the source of our greatest fears and at the same time our greatest strengths. His sounds guide our minds from the deepest depth of depraved darkness to the hope and happiness of a beautiful twilight. Even the obstinate noddies and two-step wonders don't stand a chance against his unparalleled victory over bringing the forces of extreme madness to the dance floor. When he plays, you WILL dance!Ziv Vanier, born in 1986, lives in city Quiryat Ata, Israel. Ziv started his musical journey at a tender age of 11 where he started to learn playing mouth organ and various musical instruments. At 14, when he experienced psytrance for the first time, it was beyond anything he had ever imagined in terms of musical grasp, and he felt the immense beauty and depth in the music. It was inevitable. Very soon he decided to make this music and at the age of 15 he started producing under the name Iron Madness.

Slaughter Shiver has been exquisitely engineered and supremely mastered to be a tremendous exhilarating spiritual journey of rediscovery of ones self through the transcendental connection. Ziv's energy and unique blend of dark twisted tunes and powerful twilight make his tracks a must-have for any psytrance lover or DJ. Just press play and watch the dance floor be destroyed! This masterpiece will surely send psychedelic shivers through your spine.


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