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Killer Buds - Synthetic Vision

Killer Buds - Synthetic Vision
LabelBeyond Logic
Typealbum, CD

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Killer Buds - Synthetic Vision


01 Killer Buds - Classic Chronic
02 Killer Buds - Uninvited
03 Killer Buds - Future Anarchy
04 Killer Buds - Acid Rain
05 Killer Buds - Synthetic Vision
06 Killer Buds - Psychotic Dreams
07 Killer Buds - Copies Of People
08 Killer Buds - Killer Flux
09 Killer Buds - Backup System
10 Killer Buds - Neurominder

Beyond Logic Records, in continuum of travel through psy-space, brings you another colour-splash of ecstatic rainbow thunder the killer sounds of Killer Buds - Synthetic Vision, their second studio album - a master production of aural communication; the next link in psy-evolution.

Kiss the sun on these tunes, as Tarcisio and Cochi navigate your mind into the depths of your spiritual self. The experimental quality of their doof-explosive sound patterns, deep-dimensional kicks, ripping synths and thundering basslines will elevate you to outrospective states of imaginative meditation; just pick the world, press play, and experience what it would be like to actually be there!

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