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Itp - The People Are...

Itp - The People Are...
Typealbum, CD

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Itp - The People Are…


01 ITP - Samothraki
02 ITP - Psycrap
03 ITP - Plug & Pray
04 ITP - Adon Olam
05 ITP - The Silk road
06 ITP - The People Are Fucked
07 ITP - Do You Know Itp?
08 ITP - Halleluyah
09 ITP - Sidi H'bibi
10 ITP - City Of Sands
11 ITP - Strings Of Change

Individual Thought Patterns, more commonly known as ITP, are back with a unique and mesmerizing master piece - "The People Are "

Following their debut album "Lose Your Illusion", which stroke a chord in the hearts and minds of trance listeners around the world and served as a prelude to the things to come from this amazing duo, we are now ready to receive their new vision, which takes form in their new album. "The People Are "

"This is a Disclaimer denouncing any damage caused by enthusiastic listeners of the new ITP album which has been known to induce uncontrollable dance"

ITP is Erez Yaffe and Sami Sabin from the city of Holon located in the centre of Israel.

They have been working together for the past 5 years producing a wide range of musical styles. Erez being a virtuosic SPANISH GUITAR player and Sami a master of the ancient Arabic instrument OUD and both having extensive background in electronic music production, they set aside to create something that is yet to be heard in the trance scene.

"The People Are..." will be spiced up with ancient prayers, futuristic synth-lines, live Arabic instruments, Spanish & metal guitars, crazy multi-rhythmic, mystical vocals & more, all wrapped into a melodic high-speed bomb that shatters every dance floor it comes in contact with.

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