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Kalilaskov AS - Killas 2008

Kalilaskov AS - Killas 2008
LabelDigital Drugs Coalition
Typealbum, CD

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Kalilaskov AS - Killas 2008


01 Kalilaskov As vs Select Project - Eliza Roza
02 Kalilaskov As - Passion
03 Kalilaskov As - Dark Psilosophy
04 Kalilaskov As - Crying Girl
05 Kalilaskov As - Dead Angel
06 Kalilaskov As - Bad Girls Go To Hell
07 Kalilaskov As - Airin (Remix)
08 Strezz vs Kalilaskov As - Psy Dorados
09 Kalilaskov As vs Natinel - Beethoven's Dragon
10 Kalilaskov As - Radiation Defloration

The Killer is back for a mad and mental romp through your mind and muscles making you grovel and beg to never stop this completely fresh artists best of singles compilation taken from obscure hard to find and out of print tracks selected from his most blasting and truly epic releases ever. Freshly remastered and enhanced you will wish you never had to go wake up from this blissful symphony of super stompers and uber pumpers all fully tooled up and ready for crazy night of non stop mayhem! Strap on your stompin boots or else your feet will fall off after getting a digital dose of this most delicious destruction and devious delirium. Striking like a drop of acid in a Virgin's brain, K.AS. ( Vadim C.) is one of the new leading project of the psychedelic trance underground. Russian born, he moved to Israel in the 90's to settle down. In 1998, he got involved very fast in the electronic music scene when he had his first psychedelic xperimentation's (Another Dr Hoffman disciple). ''Kalilaskov AS'' project started in 2000 and for the next 5 years, his time and efforts were spend on creating original sounds and trying crazy stuffs. It's now the time for ''Kalilaskov AS'' to make you experience this crazy new vibes design to take you to another realm of awareness. After his first release on ''NAbi-recs'', Vadim's music , as a computer virus, sprayed among the listeners and became very quickly a new standard of quality in Israeli psychedelic trance. Now playing in parties and festivals all-over the world. His music and his talent are now recognized and being supported by many other independent labels.

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