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Karl Johan - Karl Johan

Karl Johan - Karl Johan
LabelSpiral Trax
Typealbum, CD

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Karl Johan - It's All Plastic


01 Karl Johan - It's All Plastic
02 Karl Johan - I Wash Sundays
03 Karl Johan - The Heist
04 Karl Johan - Please
05 Karl Johan - Plus 5
06 Karl Johan - Shuffletrain
07 Karl Johan - Soultrain
08 Karl Johan - Mastertune
09 Karl Johan - Tumble

Karl Johan is the new Swedish wonder boy of electronic music.

In less than a year he has gone from handing out demos at Germany's Fusion festival to completing his self-titled debut album for Spiral Trax. In the meantime he has provided slamming remixes and singles for labels such as Tribal Vision, Spiral Trax and Plastik Park, gaining support from DJs such as Jerome Isma-ae, D-Nox, Glenn Morrison, James Harcourt, Eddie Halliwell, Gareth Emery, Slater, Pena, Parham and Flash Brothers, as well as reaching a top position in Beatport's Progressive House Chart.

Looking back at the last twelve months it is amazing to have been able to witness Karl Johan's progression into a fully-fledged producer defining his own unique style of progressive- and tech-house with a tough techy edge. This is truly one of the most slammin album releases of the year!

The album is jam-packed with high-octane dancefloor material and will be released on CD and Compactstick.

Karl Johan - Karl Johan: Front