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Krome Angels - Modern Day Classics

Krome Angels - Modern Day Classics
LabelBoa Group Records
Typealbum, CD


01 Krome Angels - Madison Square Garden
02 Krome Angels - Kriskros Rythms
03 Krome Angels - Tuned In
04 Krome Angels - Overdone
05 Krome Angels - Exoplasm
06 Krome Angels - Rehabs 4 Quiters
07 Krome Angels - Destiny
08 Krome Angels - Street Scum
09 Krome Angels - Blast From The Past
10 Krome Angels - Love On My Mind

Trance the backbone for dance innovation, amazing global parties and unquestionable musical talent throughout the last two decades has risen to a new level.
Three trance veterans who share a mutual respect for each other's music and joined forces back in 2006 to form KromeAngels now deliver their first album.

But who are they? This sonic tripartite comprises of Brighton-born Dino Psaras, the first Dragonfly DJ, first release on the Perfecto Fluoro label and member of Cydonia and Ayuhusca, Dado, the renowned French music producer who has collaborated with the likes of Killing Joke and spearheaded projects such as Transwave, and Shanti, once the young prodigy of the Voov Festival with his infamous baselines and originator of the Visionquest 2003 DVD signature tune.

Having identified the need for an alternative from what can arguably been termed as the trance norm", these three came together to create a fresh sound, taking the genre to new realms to encompass breakbeat, techno, house and electro and everything in between.

A second album will follow as well as a third live album of the best of what has gone before. Look out for them and listen.

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