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Loud - Some Kind Of Creativity

Loud - Some Kind Of Creativity
LabelDrive Records
Typealbum, CD


01 Loud - G-Mini-Click
02 Loud - Subinya
03 Loud - Past Progressive
04 Loud - Engine On
05 Loud - In Rage
06 Loud - Elastic Mood
07 Loud - Sun Dance
08 Loud - 1 Missed Call
09 Loud - Long Cut
10 Loud - Wired

Loud is considered as one of the finest new breeds of Psychedelic trance producers.

Bearing a significant and daring new sound, fresh and powerful.

Some Kind Of Creativity is the direct result of the team's year long musical expedition, bringing in magical new sounds, defining a new approach to Trance oriented music.This is certainly one of those one of a kind releases, which will influence the whole scene.

Some Kind Of Creativity, just screams out Loud: 'Creativity' and 'Total Musical Expression', and is highly intelligent and unique, bearing new experimental flavors, fussed by a vast selection of musical styles. This outstanding phenomenon includes 10 previously unreleased tracks, perfectly aligned, each track compliments the other, yet totally different, each bearing its own distinct personality, drive and story, all elevating and fully entertaining..

Loud have certainly put in a lot of energy in the production of this one of a kind product, which stands out with reach colors.

Take this one on a test Drive, you will probably get back for more

Loud - Some Kind Of Creativity: Front