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M-Klome - Interruptions

M-Klome - Interruptions
LabelFree Spirit Records
Typealbum, CD

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M-Klome - Interruptions


01 M-Klome - Hard Wired Remix
02 M-Klome - Immersive Technology
03 M-Klome - Eve Electro
04 M-Klome - Light Travels
05 M-Klome - Out Of Range
06 M-Klome - Into
07 M-Klome - Winds Of Change
08 M-Klome - The Wrong Man
09 M-Klome - Deep Contact

Matteo Mercurio, or M-Klome, of Free Spirit Records has been making waves on a slew of great trance compilations lately, and these track releases have only served to build up the energy for his debut album, Interruptions! Over an hour's worth of twisted clubland psytrance tracks set a high standard for this year's worldwide dancefloor playlists. Despite his fledgling artist status, M-Klome's talent appeared on the global circuit with the force and energy of a supernova, and Interruptions delivers... nine heavy, groovalicious tracks spanning the spectrum of tempo and the trance genre. Ranging from the progressive to the full-on, in-your-face acidic avenues of psy-trance, M-Klome's debut album has something for every mood and time. If you haven't already, you seriously need to give this album a listen, and take a glimpse into the many futures of M-Klome's rocking trance tunes!

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