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Madboojah Project - Madboojah Project

Madboojah Project - Madboojah Project
Typealbum, CD

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Madboojah - Madboojah Project


01 Madboojah Project - Urgus
02 Madboojah Project - Fuego
03 Madboojah Project - Matbooja Beat
04 Madboojah Project - Zimbul
05 Madboojah Project - Batukadance
06 Madboojah Project - Balooga Beat
07 Madboojah Project - Raul
08 Madboojah Project - Laz Trance
09 Madboojah Project - Under A Scotish Skirt
10 Madboojah Project - Baladistan

Phonokol Ltd and Globalev Productions proudly present
Madboojah Project one of the most prestigious musical project emerging from Israel,
combing electronic and world music into a melting pot that brings you the sound of the future!

A beautiful musical trip, influenced by various worldwide music styles, languages and instruments in a
very special blend of East meets West!
Truly a special global celebration an international project with worldwide influences.

Madboojah Project is a project created by Shlomi Avratz and Udi Ben Knaan
both are well known and respected musicians in the Israeli music scene. Udi Ben-Knaan is a member of
the famous Israeli World Music group "SHEVA" that composed and produced many of the group's instrumental works. Udi has been involved in the production of other unique world music projects such as "Heeyam" - a project of Indian Music sung in Hebrew by Sufi artists one the highlights of last year's "Israel Art Festival".
Udi is a real master of many ethnic strings instruments and traveled all over the world seeking the masters in each country in order to learn to play those unique ethnic instruments
Indian Sitar, Afghani Rabab, Persian Tar, Spanish guitars, Turkish Saz, Didjiridoo and Greek Lira.

Shlomi Avratz is a well known Israeli DJ, living the southern city of Eilat spinning Electronic music, soft Trance & World beat witch he creates!!! They both met in Eilat while Shlomi played Udi some of the tracks he made and they immediately decided to form this unique project Madboojah Project!

This forthcoming album is the amazing result of this fruitful cooperation between them
Madboojah Project!
Consist of 10 amazing musical creations, floating between ancient and modern, east and west, electronic and acoustic, computers and live instruments!

Both, Udi and Shlomi, with their wide contacts in the Israeli music scene, brought some of the most talented
Israeli singers to participate as guest performers on this album
Mosh Ben-Ari, Karolina Avratz (Shlomi's sister), Gil Ron Shema (Member Sheva), Avraham Tal
(Lead singer of The Fools Of Prophecy) and Roberto Mendez (of Mayumana),
singing in French, Arabic, English, Portuguese, Spanish and Hebrew!

In addition many well-known Israeli musicians also participated on this album
Boaz Berman (Percussions, Founder of Mayumana), Uri Miles (Accordion, Irish flute, Irish and Scottish Bagpipes) Amir Shahasar (Persian Nei and Turkish Clarinet), Avi Agabara (Percussions), Itzik Yona (Acoustic guitar) and David Broza (Spanish guitar).

Daniel Kestenbaum (from the electronic music group - Babaganushka)
was assigned for additional production, mix and sound design.

BALADISTAN WORLD BEAT is a global harmony and peace music project!
A magical trip of musical voyage all around the world featuring the colors of Israel!!!

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