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Miraculix - Frost Bites

Miraculix - Frost Bites
LabelPsytropic Records
Typealbum, CD

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Miraculix - Frost Bites


01 Miraculix vs Trinodia - Supernatural
02 Miraculix vs Trinodia - Real Deal
03 Miraculix - The Reporter
04 Miraculix - Inspector Gadget
05 Miraculix vs Trinodia - Half Past Dead (PsyNina Remix)

PsyTropic Records is proud to present Miraculix latest work with the EP "Frost Bites" containing four previously unreleased smashing tracks and one remix by PsyNina.

Miraculix is Thomas Hammerstrom born in 09.11.1980 and comes from Sweden. After 2 Studio albums and nearly 22 releases on different compilations from Labels all over the world, Miraculix shows now with "Frost Bites" his new stage of PsyTrance music ! It is massive, it is powerful, it is creative and innovative. So dare to feel the new Miraculix at its best with new and superclean produced tracks and twisted elements from another sphere intruding into your so-ordered life where you want to break out.

Smashing at home, over your headphones and finally on the dancefloor to flip-out and become insane.
Don't tell us we didn't warn you...