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Psynina - Sexy Secret

Psynina - Sexy Secret
LabelPsytropic Records
Typealbum, CD

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PsyNina - Sexy Secret


01 Psynina - Intro
02 Psynina - Rise To The Stars
03 Psynina - No Dominion
04 Psynina - Anger In Heaven
05 Psynina - Sexy Secret
06 Psynina - Level Of Creation (Album Remix)
07 Psynina - Necrastate Pattern
08 Psynina - Hate Vs Love
09 Psynina - Physical Universe
10 Psynina - Interstellar Matrix

No other female PsyTrance artist in the world is that strong and deep in story-telling and production quality than her at the moment. After 3 years of her first appearance her long-awaited debut album "Sexy Secret" is now ready to conquer your passion, your heart and finally your love. PsyNina stands for massive and straight baselines, emotional and sensitive feelings, melo-dramatic story telling and honest, no-formula psytrance at a high production quality.
It sounds creamy and warm, harsh and basic, lovely and angry - you will discover this complexity which every human being consists of. The duality in your innerself. Touch this record and you will share her experience and her feelings. Dare this trip - and you will love it for months or maybe for ever.

Psynina - Sexy Secret: Front
Psynina - Sexy Secret: Back
Psynina - Sexy Secret: Back 2
Psynina - Sexy Secret: Inside
Psynina - Sexy Secret: Inside 2
Psynina - Sexy Secret: Inside 3
Psynina - Sexy Secret: Inside 4
Psynina - Sexy Secret: Inside 5
Psynina - Sexy Secret: Inside 6