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Mood Deluxe - A Tangent Universe

Mood Deluxe - A Tangent Universe
LabelLiquid Records
Typealbum, CD


01 Mood Deluxe - Causal Loop (Mood Deluxe Intro Edit)
02 Mood Deluxe - Episode
03 Mood Deluxe - Closer
04 Mood Deluxe - Something Like Remember
05 Mood Deluxe - Phantom Technology
06 Mood Deluxe - The Tangent Universe
07 Mood Deluxe - Zeitgeist (Naked Weapon Mix)
08 Mood Deluxe - The Living Receiver
09 Mood Deluxe - Wrong Way
10 Mood Deluxe - Lucid Juice
11 Mood Deluxe - Amber

The Tangent Universe is a super-plex hybrid of an album; a work created with gleeful disregard to musical boundaries and a thoroughly Machiavellian approach to composition. Described as psychedelic breaks/Tripstep, "The Tangent Universe" is that and a whole lot more.

As an album, it captures and delivers what a new generation of dancefloor stompers are looking for; Combining deep trancey elements and hard hitting breaks with more delicate psychedelic meanderings, Cameron has created a style, that although describable in terms of what's out there, is it's own entity and is as fresh on the ears as I'm sure it will be on the dance floor this summer.

In quantum mechanics a "tangent universe" is an offshoot of an existing universe that grows from the energy of the primary universe and in formation becomes a separate universe in its own right the appearance of a tangent universe has many implications however primarily and positively it offers change, revolution and reflection on the status quo in musical terms this album does the same. A talented freelance programmer and mastering engineer, Cameron is part of a new wave of artist/DJ's producing psychedelic dance and dub music under a number of different guises.

Alongside his solo and collaborative projects he has also racked up a lot of behind the scenes credits working with some of the biggest names in the mainstream American dance music community. The extent of Cameron's diverse musical experience is very much in evidence in this work, with elements from all quarters combining to create "The Tangent Universe". From commercial clubland to the alternative festival fields there're hints of it all in there Uncompromising intro's and sharp exits head tweaking frequencies, big growling bass lines and solid kicks.. this is high octane music for the boys (that is sure to engage the ladies too!)

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