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Slackbaba - And The Beat Goes Om...

Slackbaba - And The Beat Goes Om...
LabelLiquid Records
Typealbum, CD


01 Slackbaba - A Drop In The Ocean
02 Slackbaba - Drink More Tea
03 Slackbaba - Sea Of Green
04 Slackbaba - Long Sunny Daze
05 Slackbaba - The Golden Apple
06 Slackbaba - Metatron's Sugar Cube
07 Slackbaba - And The Beat Goes Om
08 Slackbaba - Fruit Of Mahoot

"And the beat goes om..." is a work of strong catchy basslines, crisp compressed beats and colourful cyber-squelch! Its mix of styles and influences pays tribute a wide angle slice of musical genres that have been aired, on the groovy side of mid-tempo, over the last few years.

In this, his debut album, Jonathan Smith (the Slack Baba himself) introduces the un-initiated to his version of events a melting pot of fluid grooves and swirling psychedelic melodies, a touch of the ethnic and some very respectable bass frequency action. As one of a new generation of British psychedelic artists, Jonathan's individual style has produced some memorable live sets; turning down tempo audiences into full tribal stompers at last years Glade and Glastonbury festivals and delivering his cross-boundary hybrid grooves with impunity.

His music draws the listener through a labyrinth of pulsing rhythms and mind-bending sonic states, demonstrating his skills in sound manipulation and delivering a new take on psychedelic electronica. Expect to hear a lot of this album this summer and a lot more from "Slack Baba" in the future. This is a strong debut album that will not only further confirm Jonathan as one of Liquid Records "groovers and shakers", but should also establish his place in the CD cases of DJ's and punters alike both in the UK and internationally.

Slackbaba - And The Beat Goes Om...: Front
Slackbaba - And The Beat Goes Om...: Back
Slackbaba - And The Beat Goes Om...: Back 2
Slackbaba - And The Beat Goes Om...: Inside
Slackbaba - And The Beat Goes Om...: Inside 2