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Noise Gust - In The Brain Chip

Noise Gust - In The Brain Chip
LabelFull Moon Records
Typealbum, CD


01 Noise Gust - Intro
02 Noise Gust - Retoro Future
03 Noise Gust - Abyss Of Despair
04 Noise Gust - Weird Directivity
05 Noise Gust - Auto Logical Sequence
06 Noise Gust - Planet Lv426
07 Noise Gust - Faulty Demon
08 Noise Gust - In The Brain Chip
09 Noise Gust - Phase Space Bug
10 Noise Gust - Brainwashed By My Doctor

From its 1st release back in 2005 and continuously licensing dozens of spirited mind destructive tunes thru out the world NOISE GUST who is believed to be one of the originator of Japanese Darkpsytrance will finally deliverers a blast his long waited 1st full length album: IN THE BRAIN CHIP thru Fullmoon Records IN THE BRAIN CHIP took a extended period of over a year in making to reach a full blend of minuscious perfection. As the theme like a non daily experience it feels like a chip has been implanted to one's mind. Starting with a furious hard dry kick/bass to a wet soft embracing dimensional atmosphere which allows one's mind to loosely travel around the canvas thru the noise lead and FX in a changing world of flowing and creation swallowing you into a different place as the air were attached and the feeling of gravity and existence were challenged. we welcome you to experiment this new world of psychedelic travel into sounds and alternated reality. All trax W&P by Kagetoshi Nakamura at Noise Gust Studio, Nagoya Japan Mastered by Takeomi Matsuura (Heaven+Hell Masters, Japan)