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Oforia - Inner Twist

Oforia - Inner Twist
LabelYoYo Records
Typealbum, CD

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Oforia - Inner Twist


01 Oforia - Heaven On Earth
02 Oforia vs Onyx - Adrenalin
03 Oforia - Spiders
04 Oforia feat. B-Wicked - Return Of The Machines
05 Oforia vs Time Lock - Show No Mercy
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07 Oforia - Unusual Game
08 Oforia - Inner Twist
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Oforia is one of our longest standing trance acts. To those of you new to Oforia (a.k.a. Ofer Dikovsky), let us just say that you'll be blown away by his extensive discography of 83 track releases, 4 Oforia albums and important projects like Tandu, Solaris, Pigs In Space, Phreaky and the legendary Indoor group.

Oforia’s unique sound envelope has gained a worldwide following of thousands who have recognized his work throughout the years. Whenever and wherever he performs, you are instantly captivated by his sound production and composition skills - as near to perfection as can be.

Oforia feat. B-Wicked - Return Of The Machines

Finally I locked in chains and there
Getting inside your brain,
You trying how to get away, but you
Probably go insane

Information is running out
You need it back
You're lost without
You wanna scream, you wanna shout
There's probably no way out

It's running upon your dreams
You're watching the return of the machines
It's never what it seems
You're watching the return of the machines