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Overlap - Biosphere

Overlap - Biosphere
LabelPlanet B.E.N. Records
Typealbum, CD

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Overlap - Biosphere


01 Overlap - Power System
02 Overlap - Dangerous Jungle
03 Overlap - Silent Hill
04 Overlap - Make Your Choice
05 Overlap - Angry Perrson
06 Overlap - Cube
07 Overlap - Biosphere
08 Overlap - Take Off
09 Overlap - Air Brazil
10 Overlap feat. Shogo Buzz - Season Of Winds

We are proud and happy to announce the new overlap album it's dedicated to the warm and emotional dephts of driving dance sound of PSYCHEDELIC morning full-on.

Overlap is often called "the hope of the Russian psytrance". The second album of Overlap project - Biosphere will be released by the famous Japanese-german label Planet B.E.N. records
Overlap consists of two persons. They are: Mikhail Puchkov, also known as Neogen, and ex-Neoris Vyacheslav Bogachov. The guys released their first album only in 2004, though both are making music for more than ten years and both had series of releases in Europe, as well as in Canada, Japan and Brasil. Overlap makes melodic European full on, but their techno and electro careers bring a kind of variety to it. At present Slava Bogachov also has an experimental chilling project Shogo Buzz.overlaps new album--biosphere is a dancefloor burner!!!! Don't miss it!!keep yourself warm with it,winter is coming!!

Overlap - Biosphere: Front