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Ovnimoon - Geometric Poetry

Ovnimoon - Geometric Poetry
LabelIono Music
Typealbum, CD

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Ovnimoon - Geometric Poetry


01 Ovnimoon - Sacred Earth
02 Ovnimoon - Gathering of angels
03 Ovnimoon - Close your eyes
04 Ovnimoon - Kundalini of the Andes (Open Your Mind)
05 Ovnimoon - Vibration of peace
06 Ovnimoon - Mystical Technology
07 Ovnimoon - The arrival of love
08 Ovnimoon - Galactic Mantra (With Via Axis & ItomLab)
09 Ovnimoon - 2 guys together

Its a big pleasure to announce the fresh album work of Hector Stuardo, well known as Ovnimoon.

This multitalent from Chile has been playing a pioneering role in the local trance scene from its beginning.

Next to his career as trance Dj, he already released three remarkable albums as well as several single tracks on labels like Synergetic Records, Spliff Music, Geomagnetic TV, YSE, Groove Control and even Warner or Ministry of sound. As it seems that those projects did not fully stretch him, he also compiled the 'Altares' compilation and convinced the experts around the globe by releasing the fantastic electro orientated album 'Diversity' with his alter ego Stuardo.

Reasons enough to mention Ovnimoon as one of today's top trance artists. Now Ovnimoon is back to delight you with 8 energetic and powerful dance pieces plus 1 fantastic chill track, all made with his very own production style, which is comprising deep driving basslines, escorted by warm, never cheesy melodies and surrounded by psychedelic atmospheres. Unique Sound which only can be created and perfectly arranged with many years of experiences and excellent musical skills.

Prepare yourself for a thunderstorm of beats, get ready for Ovnimoon!

Ovnimoon - Geometric Poetry: Front