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Painkiller - License To Heal

Painkiller - License To Heal
LabelNutek Records
Typealbum, CD

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Painkiller - License To Heal


01 Painkiller - All Directions
02 Painkiller & Madnetic - Consistence
03 Lunar Asylum - Water Margin (Painkiller Remix)
04 Painkiller & Slug - Roll Feature
05 Painkiller & Naked Tourist - Hypnotized
06 Painkiller - Super Natural
07 Painkiller & Toxic - Current Status
08 Painkiller & Mad Maxx - Braindrops
09 Painkiller - Otherwize

Nutek records is proud to present the release of mega producer, Painkiller coming out from his high-tech labs in Barcelona.'License to Heal' is the second fully packed studio album from Painkiller, presents new pumping tracks, including collaborations with MadNetic, Naked Tourist, Slug, MadMaxx, Toxic and remix for the epic track dated back to 1997 by Lunar Asylum.

The albums tracks vary between 145-150 bpm, bearing a smooth yet aggressive build up, creating a natural flow from the night time to the morning.The Driving grooves in the tracks, entwined with remarkable leads makes it feels like a big Object bouncing around, moving all together and keeping you busy on the dance floor.

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