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Phobium - Future Uncertain

Phobium - Future Uncertain
LabelWirikuta Recordings
Typealbum, CD


01 Phobium - I Know Where To Go Now
02 Phobium - Tonight Is Forever
03 Phobium - Come Now
04 Phobium - Not Human
05 Phobium - We're All Crazy
06 Phobium - Unsane Networking
07 Phobium - Perpetual Motion
08 Phobium - Different Ways
09 Phobium - Retro Square

Wirikuta Recordings is proud to announce the debut album of the Norwegian artist Henning Helland Ottesen aka "Phobium".
After releasing single tracks on several well known labels like Golden Dawn, Devil's Mind and Stoneage Records, the time has come to make a step in the future. It has been in the making for well over two years, and thus represents an evolution and a progression in his work and musical creation. The album consists of nine tracks, which streches from deep, melodic, and somewhat retrospective trance to the more intense and darker side of psytrance - and therefore aimed to please the listener, the dancer and the dj. Having harvested inspiration from countless genres and tracks through the course of time, Phobium is proud to release "Future Uncertain" on Wirikuta Recordings. Let us see what the future holds.

Phobium - Future Uncertain: Front
Phobium - Future Uncertain: Back
Phobium - Future Uncertain: Back 2
Phobium - Future Uncertain: Inside
Phobium - Future Uncertain: Inside 2
Phobium - Future Uncertain: CD