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Procs - The Lonely Land of Tada

Procs - The Lonely Land of Tada
LabelManic Dragon
Typealbum, CD

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Procs - The Lonely Land Of Tada


01 Procs - Procscircles
02 Procs - Astro Cirkus Freaks
03 Procs - All Around Us
04 Procs - OK
05 Procs - The Lonely Land Of Tada
06 Procs - No Free Space For Tunas
07 Procs - Bouncing In The Ballroom
08 Procs - Gobbledegook
09 Procs - The Little Beatles
10 Procs - The Thin Rustle Of Weeds

Procs is the solo project of Mikael Stegman from Sweden. With a background in classical music (piano) he began composing Goa Trance music in 1995. His first commercial release came with the Shpastic Elastic compilation Scrambled Heads in 2001, and was followed by compilation tracks on Boom! Records, Digital Psionics, Trishula, Manic Dragon, and Yage. His characteristic organic sound, with experimental touches, deranged and twisted atmospheres was cemented with his critically acclaimed debut album Stuck in the Oven with Me on Trishula Records in 2005. Shortly after, he began work on his second album, which Manic Dragon Records is proud to present.

Procs - The Lonely Land of Tada: Front