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Prosper - When The City Sleeps

Prosper - When The City Sleeps
LabelExposure Productions
Typealbum, CD


01 Prosper - When The City Sleeps
02 Prosper - Neuroscience
03 Prosper - Europe
04 Prosper - Overstar (album edition)
05 Prosper - Synthetic People
06 Prosper - Stereolise
07 Prosper - City Lights
08 Prosper - Friend Of The Night
09 Prosper - Massive
10 Prosper - Wide Worlds

Home of Wizzy Noise, the audio wizards from Greece and the well known Overlap from Russia,Exposure is proud to feature on its compilations roster artists such as Astrix, Deedrah, Talamasca, Electric Universe, Silicon Sound, Dino Psaras, Prometheus, Logic Bomb, Alien Project, Bamboo Forest, Protoculture, Orion, Space Cat, Altom and many more.

After the great success of its latest compilation Grey Area,Exposure Productions strikes back with the bright new album of Prosper that is destined to turn the dancefloors of the world upside down.

Prosper - When The City Sleeps: Front