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Various Artists - Grey Area

Various Artists - Grey Area
LabelExposure Productions
Typecompilation, CD


01 Protoculture - Terra Tronics
02 Electric Universe - Athina
03 Deedrah - Take It Or Leave It
04 Polaris vs Galaktik Wave - Mechanical Male
05 Wizzy Noise - Radio Silence
06 Dino Psaras - White Lights
07 Prosper - Overstar
08 S-Range feat. Tranan - Electric Forces
09 Prometheus - Colour Storm
10 Even 11 - Oblivion

Protoculture - Terra Tronics

"Mars Approach, Darkstar with you, zero seven zero, sixty-three, passing through three eight thousand."

"Roger Darkstar, descend to two thousand, set speed, contact ground on two six nine seven two."

"Roger that, Tower."

'Incoming transport detected.'

"I think I've found the map alluded to on one of the tablets. The artifact is constructed into the ceiling and it is a magnificent find."

"It appears to be made of some crystalline material, and even after all this time, it is still emitting a soft glow. The markings on it were strangely familiar when I first observed it, and after digitizing it and analyzing it, I'm certain this is a map of our solar system."

From the game 'Doom 3'

Various Artists - Grey Area: Front
Various Artists - Grey Area: Back
Various Artists - Grey Area: CD