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Psychoz - Psychotic Epiphanies

Psychoz - Psychotic Epiphanies
Typealbum, CD

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Psychoz - Psychotic Epiphanies


01 Psychoz - The Beginning
02 Psychoz - Confession
03 Psychoz - Hell Razor
04 Psychoz - Death Is No Escape
05 Psychoz - Darkness Is Coming
06 Psychoz - During As Instead Of
07 Psychoz - New World
08 Psychoz - Unchosen Path
09 Psychoz - Psychotic Epiphanies

To have such a wonderful realization that you appear to be psychotic to others who don't understand your euphoric transcendence. These are the PSYCHOTIC EPIPHANIES that you will experience when you finally ignore your fears and doubts and let go. Let go and be taken by the power and primordial force that wells up inside of you and forces you to let out a savage scream and howl to the full moon. Then dance with movements that have been coded into your DNA. Tap into the hidden secrets that are written in your very fibres while going out of your body listening to this mind warping sound track to the death of your old self and the birth of your new. Crawl out of your skull and leave behind the world you once thought you knew and create a new definition of sanity. Psychoz will be your background growl while your brain goes on overdrive being overwhelmed by wave after wave of pure raw madness. This is the madness of the modern world filtered through Zoran's skewed perspective on reality. Indulge in 9 wicked wacky and wild audio vortexes. Psychoz has toured the dance floors of the world finding all the right pockets of perversion to purvey his penultimate precision. These tracks are best heard at high volume and with no neighbors around. May the dancefloors tremble!

PSYCHOTIC: Psychotic alterations of perception are referred to as hallucinations; Persons experiencing a psychotic episode may experience hallucinations.
EPIPHANY: "the appearance; miraculous phenomenon" (feeling), a realization or comprehension of the essence or meaning of something or someone; Great joy and transcendence, usually accompanied by new knowledge.

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