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Psyside - First Contact

Psyside - First Contact
LabelAcidance Records
Typealbum, CD

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Psyside - First Contact


01 Psyside - O.G.M Red Alert
02 Psyside - Day Of The Beast
03 Psyside - Lost Soul
04 Psyside - Mint Taste
05 Psyside - Galactic Law
06 Psyside - Ghost & Goul
07 Psyside - Hysteria
08 Psyside - Krusty Burger…With Cheese
09 Psyside - Last Train To Nowhere

Psyside - Last Train To Nowhere

'Your attention, please: the Disneyland Limited now arriving from a trip around Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom. Passengers will stand by to board.'

Train announcement at the Main Street depot in Disneyland

Psyside - First Contact: Front
Psyside - First Contact: Back
Psyside - First Contact: Inside