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Rev - Amusia

Rev - Amusia
LabelDoof Records
Typealbum, CD

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Rev - Amusia


01 Rev - Pony & Rocket
02 Rev - See Ya Lato, Arigato
03 Rev - Dotcalm
04 Rev - Killing Lingus
05 Rev - Motekno
06 Rev - Jery Camel
07 Rev - Birds Are Here
08 Rev - Turning Brakes
09 Rev - Amusia

Doof Records are proud to present: "Amusia" the fourth album from Troy leidich, the second of the project "REV"

Troy has been active one way or another in different projects over the last 10 years. Beginning with "Fungus of Light" in the late 90's till early 2000's, creating Rev around 2003, and ccL together with Zebra-N in 2005.

REV's style can be characterized by his funky bass lines and mid riffs layered with offbeat samples and atmospheric noodles. This along with experienced and tight production creates a mix mesh of fun intended for amusic lovers and patients everywhere.

"Amusia" is a classic Doof album. The music is dark edged, mostly mid tempo with twisting powerful bass lines. Testing the music on dance floors around the globe, revealed an abnormal behavior of the crowd bouncing madly, while squashing itself towards the speakers.

=Stay tuned=

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