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Shanti Matkin - Remixed

Shanti Matkin - Remixed
LabelSpun Records
Typealbum, CD

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Shanti - Shanti Matkin Remixed


01 Shanti Matkin - Coalition (Dado Remix)
02 Shanti Matkin - Tingling Sensation (Wrecked Machines Remix)
03 Shanti Matkin - A Machines Dream (Poli Remix)
04 Shanti Matkin - Predator (Bushman Remix)
05 Shanti Matkin - Smells Like Vicory (Atomic Pulse Remix)
06 Shanti Matkin - Promised Land (Pixel Remix)
07 Shanti Matkin - Innervision (GMS Remix)
08 Shanti Matkin - Spirithorse (Sub 6 Remix)
09 Sasha - Wavy Gravy (Shanti Matkin Remix)

Shanti Matkin is nowadays considered one of the leading artists of the new generation of the trance scene. His carreer started very early, by the age of 13 and when he was 14 he was already on the line up of the Voov Festival - one of the biggest and most reknowned trance festivals in the world.

In 2003, Shanti released his debut album "A Machines Dream" with Vision Quest in Japan, with much success. Shanti's second album which now due for release through spun records.

Shanti Matkin "Remixed" is remix album that includes a long list of todays finest artists including GMS, Pixel, Sub6 and Wrecked Machines. In addition there is a remix by Shanti of the hit "Wavy Gravy" originally wrttien by Sasha & Junkie XL.