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Shen - Outlines

Shen - Outlines
LabelNative State Records
Typealbum, CD

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Shen - Outlines


01 Shen - Main Spring
02 Shen - Causation
03 Shen - Symbol Range
04 Shen - Cold Bones
05 Shen - Crater Lake
06 Shen - Swift Moon Pass
07 Shen - Peering Down Gazing Up
08 Shen - Flood Plain
09 Shen - Bridge Of Dust
10 Shen - Red Pine Cliff
11 Shen - Forgotten Grove
12 Shen - Broken Jade
13 Shen - Embrace
14 Shen - Onflow

Native State proudly presents Outlines', the highly anticipated full length album from Shen. Drawing inspiration from geomancy and botanical architecture, Shen dives deep into forward thinking electronic dub and downtempo. His music takes advantage of cutting edge digital technologies, while still retaining an analog warmth and character through exquisite chords, textures, and atmospheres.

Outlines' evolves over 14 tracks and carries a passionate sense of depth and restraint, seeking tension through minimalist structure and delicate sound design. The album is kinetic and functional for DJ's who play for dance floors, while still carrying a strong melodic sensibility and textural ambience for home listening.

Shen creates music which is fresh and breathes new life into chill out, exploring dub, downtempo, electro, and ambient music with a clear and pristine sensibility. Not content to repeat the past, Shen creates a new album of futuristic electronic music for discerning listeners.

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