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Shotu - Jungle Expedition

Shotu - Jungle Expedition
LabelHadra Records
Typealbum, CD

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Shotu - Jungle Expedition


01 Shotu - Jungle Expedition
02 Shotu - Miam Miam
03 Shotu - 10 Ans
04 Shotu - Madway
05 Shotu vs Syntax Error - Lepjaf
06 Jahbo - Flux (Shotu Remix)
07 Shotu - Shotu Vs Nukleal & Fog
08 Shotu - Edelweiss
09 Shotu - Jacks

Five years ago Hadra was born to organise parties and promote psytrance in France. Now after 4 parties per year, a festival (one of the biggest in France) and 5 compilations released since 2 years, Hadra is releasing the first album of SHOTU: Jungle Expedition !!!

After conquering numerous international dancefloors and diffusing his massive tracks on compilations (Vertigo, Peak and Hadra Records), SHOTU aka DJ Leptit invites you into his organic dark electronic universe.

As a psychedelic creature of the night, he takes his audience to the heart of a jungle made of his creation, an intriguing place reflecting his universe.

The album also contains tracks produced in collaboration with artists such as Danish explorer SYNTAX ERROR, the adventurous Italians NUKLEAL and FOG (Looney Moon) and JAHBO in a superb SHOTU remix.

Join them fearless for a fantastic expedition in the worrying depths of the SHOTU jungle...

Shotu - Jungle Expedition: Front