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Species - Complexity Moving To Simplicity

Species - Complexity Moving To Simplicity
LabelUltra Groove Records
Typealbum, CD

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Species - Complexity Moving To Simplicity


01 Species - Ultimatum
02 Species - Bonobo
03 Species - Radio Active
04 Species - Red Spectral Skywalker
05 Species - Angels
06 Species - Str8 Suicide
07 Species feat. Dino Psaras - Greasy Fingers
08 Species - Electronic Gangster
09 Species - Brainstorming

This is the 5th release from the ULTRA GROOVE household, which embodies the next step into groove-on sphere. Nine exclusive unreleased tracks from the head artist of Ultra Groove Records SPECIES

Tried and tested by the mightiest names on the scene, on massive rigs all over the globe, Complexity Moving To simplicity is the 5th taster from the Ultra Groove Rec. 9 brand new tracks that strengthen the label's growing reputation as a template for avant-garde, musical forward-thinking in psychedelic trance. Another fine chapter of the Ultragroove Saga!

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