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Squazoid - Fantasia

Squazoid - Fantasia
LabelDemon Tea Recordings
Typealbum, CD


01 Squazoid - Water Cooling
02 Squazoid - Personal Rhesus
03 Squazoid - Mr Pic
04 Squazoid - Dragon Albino
05 Squazoid - I Feel Luv
06 Squazoid - Potion Magic
07 Squazoid - Los Foncde Daddy's
08 Squazoid - Pierre And The Wolf
09 Squazoid - Fantasia
10 Squazoid - Nemo In Jail
11 Squazoid - Transpsylvania

Demon Tea is proud to present "Squazoid", a solo project of Jeremy Bringue, from France.

More known as DJ Jem.b in Paris he released his first track backin 1999 with Activate Morlack and he now produces trance and also chill out and ethno music. His influences are wide.from Pink Floyd to Twisted Records, from Depeche Mode to classical music and much more ….

His debut album as Squazoid is called Fantasia and is not just an album to enjoy, but one to experience.

There is no dark , full on or goa style here …Psychedelic trance tracks with a fantasy theme full of colours & vibrations …and a superb finish with a brilliant chill out psy-ethno end

It’s a morning sound but kicks along with a power of its own.

It's original and the sounds are really transporting making this a release that truly deserves the " psychedelic" tag. This is funky unique trance at its best !


Squazoid - Fantasia: Front