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Switch - Raver's Only!

Switch - Raver's Only!
LabelVision Quest
Typealbum, CD


01 Switch - If u need power
02 Switch - Megasonics
03 Switch - So Wicked (Remix)
04 Switch - Not so hard
05 Switch - Raver's Only!
06 Switch - Got to know
07 Switch - Sensation
08 Switch - I Deal (Remix)
09 Switch - Shake It
10 Switch - We are electronic

Switch is Irad Brant, 21 year old from Israel.

At the early age of 11 he discovered electronic music and soon after started to experiment on his home computer collecting samples and creating his unique sound that followed him until today. Switch released his debut album 'Hard Drive' in the spring of 2006, collaborating with top producers such as Eskimo. The album is the definition of today's Full On trance music, or as he calls it Power Trance.

Switch is regarded by many as the evolution of psytrance, a cross between the old ways and the new ways of sound and electronic music production. Power Trance as Switch calls it is nothing but pure dance-floor music with elements of tech trance break-beats and pure psytrance. This rising young talent performance at 'The Gathering 2007' placed him as one of today's top trance producers.

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