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Synchro - Drugs

Synchro - Drugs
LabelGlobal Trance Network
Typealbum, CD


01 Synchro - Next Stop Oblivion (Y2K Remix)
02 Synchro - Drugs (Hard)
03 Synchro - Foxhunt (Gonzo)
04 Synchro - Coca-Coma (Rock)
05 Synchro - Cyborg
06 Synchro - Drugs (Soft)
07 Synchro - F-Buckets
08 Synchro - Coca-Coma (Crystal)
09 Synchro - Alcoholiday
10 Synchro - Foxhunt (US/UK)

Synchro - Next Stop Oblivion (Y2k Remix)

'What is it all about? Sometimes, you just can't get it right. Expectations. I used to be indecisive. Playing mindgames with myself. Just searching for my feelings. I don't like uncomfortable silences. I'm fed up with waiting for something to happen. You go from place to place not knowing. I have visions of disbelief. Dreaming with my eyes wide open. The mind tries to resist. Into the system! Satisfaction. Anxiety. Disengaged. Next Stop, Oblivion. I feel perfectly calm. Relaxed, peaceful. At ease with myself.'

A lyric, voice Zoe Jackson

Synchro - Drugs (Hard)

'Can I get another drop of this?'

A lyric, voice by Amy Garcia

Synchro - Cyborg

'Manufactured humans you can't tell from the real thing'

From the trailer for the movie 'Blade Runner'

Blade Runner

Synchro - Drugs: Front
Synchro - Drugs: Back
Synchro - Drugs: Inside
Synchro - Drugs: Inside 2
Synchro - Drugs: Inside 3