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Taruna - World Fusion 3

Taruna - World Fusion 3
LabelShaman Electro
Typealbum, CD

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Taruna - World Fusion 3


01 Taruna - Sunrise In Varanasi
02 Taruna - The Dogon Mystery
03 Taruna - Dewas
04 Taruna - Invisible World
05 Taruna - Angkor Vat
06 Taruna - Namaste
07 Taruna - Shamballa
08 Taruna - Raja Ampat
09 Taruna - Listen To The Shaman

Tarunas latest Cd completes the World Fusion Trilogy.

Fans of Taruna's first two cd's know just what to expect. Cutting edge Psy-Ambient electronica blended with traditional ethnic instruments from all over the planet!

Most 'World Music' albums go in one or two directions, such as Afro-Latin, or Indo-Arabic. 'World Fusion 3' goes in all these directions as well as taking us to Bali, then up to the Himalayas of Tibet, and on to China. From there it dives into the deep forest of the Amazon to visit the wisdom of the Shamans. All in all, you'll find over 100 ethnic or percussion Instruments used on this album, plus a healthy variety of electronic and virtual Instruments.

The tracks are presented in a variety of tempos ranging from danceable grooves to more chilly sounds, and the title of the release gives us Taruna's stated mission: to bring out a real 'Fusion' of cutting edge technology with ancient traditions. In that sense this release succeeds quite brilliantly. Indian tabla and sitar meld with jazzy riffs, psychedelic synth lines and grooving rhythms with the greatest of ease. It's almost like having a virtual magic carpet at your disposal that can take you almost anywhere in the world (musically speaking).

If you're looking for sounds that can create a space that is simultaneously full of peace and delightful energy, and a bridge between the spirit of the ancient and the modern, 'World Fusion 3' is most definitely the cd for you.

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