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Tetrameth - Psychological Pyrotechnics

Tetrameth - Psychological Pyrotechnics
LabelZenon Records
Typealbum, CD

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Tetrameth - Psychological Pyrotechnics


01 Tetrameth - Psychological Pyrotechnics
02 Tetrameth - The Quickening
03 Tetrameth - Practice In Blackness
04 Tetrameth - Operation Mind Harvest
05 Tetrameth - The 49th Vibration
06 Tetrameth - Easy Way Out
07 Tetrameth - Digital Acoustix
08 Tetrameth - Jungle Weapon

Tetrameth - Psychological Pyrotechnics is an extremely original blend of deep morning/progressive trance, incorporating a subtle emotional touch and technical details unheard of in psytrance circles before this release.

These 8 tracks feature the highest level of musicianship, yet still maintain a deep trance flow and that all important Zenon flavour. Peter Hayes (as he is sometimes known) is an integral member of the tight knit Zenon crew and as such he has worked closely with Sensient, SunControlSpecies and Shadow Fx. He has an extensive musical background and has made worldwide tours both as Tetrameth and also with his band SEVEN as vocalist and guitarist.

We warn you - this product may cause extreme enlightenment and waves of creativity.

Tetrameth - Psychological Pyrotechnics: Front
Tetrameth - Psychological Pyrotechnics: Back
Tetrameth - Psychological Pyrotechnics: Back 2
Tetrameth - Psychological Pyrotechnics: Inside
Tetrameth - Psychological Pyrotechnics: Inside 2
Tetrameth - Psychological Pyrotechnics: CD