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Toast3d - One

Toast3d - One
LabelAgitato Records
Typesingle, CD

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Toast3d - One


01 Toast3d - Hangover
02 Toast3d - Oz
03 Toast3d - Purple Xtc
04 Toast3d - Cosmic Garden

Toast3d are Ezra Arangi and Eyal Arbuz, an energetic Israeli duet which recently had signed with Agitato Records, Israel.

Ezra plays the synth and guitar, while Eyal had studies the secrets of sound engineering. During the last year Toast3d released tracks on various compilations and now, prior to the release of their debut album, they are presenting the Toasted - 'One', CD single.

The CD single includes 4 various tracks, while the last one is an ambient. Each and one of the tracks is an autonomy of sound with its own authentic touch.

Toast3d holds the keys to all vital signs. The drive in Toast3d tracks is the heartbeat; the power behind the sound is pumping up the veins and you are always breathless from the most intruding yet mesmerizing leading story. Toast3d are the new generation of Psy Full- on scene, which mixing virtuosic techniques with vertigo stories.

Toast3d - One: Front