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Triac - Mean Between

Triac - Mean Between
LabelEar Peaks Records
Typealbum, CD


01 Triac - Vaporized Triangles
02 Triac - Encrypted Session
03 Triac - Threshold Part 1
04 Triac - Yatzek's Revenge
05 Triac - Mean Between
06 Triac - Concrete Waves
07 Triac - Sink (Live Edit)
08 Triac - Threshold Part 2
09 Triac - Fast Food

Ear Peaks Music group is more than proud to announce the release of Triac's Debut album. Our main goal is always to bring the most innovative and ground breaking electronic music available around and this album most certainly stands out as one!

Triac are Michael Reznik and Ilan Lanz, both from the south of Israel, making music since 2000 mostly around the Tech-trance Genre, having immense influence by Genre legends such as X dream, Midimiliz and more, but unmistakably twisted into their own musical interpretation.

Triac's music combines elements and atmospheres from a wide variety of electronic music but mostly it is perfectly merging the techno and psy-trance influences with close to perfect synchronization and very powerful drive! Although it's their debut album, you can feel the sound, experience and technical ability all over, taking control of your mind and body and completely lifting you to other realms of consciousness!

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